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MamboBaby® Smart Swim Trainer

MamboBaby® Smart Swim Trainer

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Paige A.

Worth every cent because she loves it too. She slept pretty darn good the first time we used it. She is 6 months and she loved the freedom of kicking her legs. She was able to move about the pool on her very own and since she still needs some support when sitting up this was perfect as she could be a little more independent without me having to support her in some alternative floaty. It’s comfortable and she could practically fall asleep in it if I let her. I would float on a noodle and pull her around at times too. Also was allowed to bring this to our public pool and use it in the lazy river and she just floated along side me and a friend. I strongly recommend

Sirana L.
Highly recommend

A well designed floaty! My daughter loves this device super relaxed and I can rest my back from holding her for long periods in the water. Thank you :) I would highly recommend it.

Loni L.
My 6 month old loves it!

This thing is amazing, my 6 month old LOVES it!! She just sits in it and relaxes, floating around the pool haha. It's very safe and secure also.

Sheirly Williams
Comfortable and safe

I bought this for our 8 month old to go on vacation. She loved being able to lunge in the pool and navigate through the water on her own. She was comfortable and did not complain any time she was in it the whole week. As a parent, I felt like she was safe and secure and could paddle around the pool without assistance. (of course I kept my eyes on her though)

Kimberly M.

Verified review
Very pleased with item. Safe, comfortable for babies, secure snap in, canopy for sunscreen & baby can lay on stomach or back, non inflatable.