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TinyHands™ Baby Nail Trimmer (with Night Light & Noise Reduction)

TinyHands™ Baby Nail Trimmer (with Night Light & Noise Reduction)

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Safe and Easy Way to Trim Tiny Nails

Are you scared of hurting your little one while clipping their nails...

Our TinyHands™ Trimmer gives you peace of mind knowing you’re not going to overcut or accidentally clip your baby’s skin. It's conveniently designed to safely and quickly trim down your baby's nails and protect them from scratching their own delicate skin.



  • Safest Baby Nail Trimmer - Won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds, safely and quickly trim and polish finger and toenails.
  • 6-in-1 Pro Kit - 6 cushioned premium grinding heads with precise grit levels specifically designed for new born and baby nails.
  • AutoStop™ - Prevents injury by stopping motor automatically if pressed too hard past the safety threshold.
    • LED Night Light - Integrated front LED night light makes it easy to trim in the dark.
    • Noise Reduction Technology - Built with low sound emitting motors, use even while your baby is sleeping.

    4 Easy to Use Operating Modes: 

    The intuitive counterclockwise L1/L2 settings are for use with delicate and tiny nails. The clockwise R1/R2 settings are for use with regular sized and adult nails. The low speed settings activate the noise reducing motors.


    How To Use

    Lightweight and compact, the trimmer operates using two AA batteries and can be used with a single hand thanks to its one-button operation.

    1. Attach your chosen nail file

    2. Set trimmer speed/setting

    3. Gently grind nail down to length

    And thanks to the whisper-quiet motor, you never have to worry about loud noises waking sleeping babies.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    S Smart

    This nail file is literally amazing! I was super anxious needing to cut my little one's finger nails with clippers- I just knew I was going to accidentally clip her. I put it off and then her nails started to scratch her when she rubbed her face. I had seen others use this from instagram, so I immediately bought it and used it the day it came in.

    My little one wiggles and moves A LOT. She immediately settled down and let me do her nails. It's easy to use and immediately stops when it hits skin. I tried it on my skin just to see if it would hurt and it didn't at all, so it gave me confidence that even if I did happen to hit her skin when filing, it wouldn't hurt her.

    It's got different heads to put on it, all with differing roughness. I've used it on my own fingernails and it's a breeze!

    I plan to buy these for baby gifts for anyone I buy a gift for!

    K. Mitchell
    Amazing for newborns!

    I’m a first time mom, and after about 2-3 weeks of using a manual baby file on my newborn’s nails I was already over it. It just took too much time and just wasn’t very effective. I purchased this and did the same task in a fraction of the time, and was much more effective at getting the mail filed down. The pink disc for newborns is extremely gentle even on their skin around their fingernails. The machine itself is also very gentle- if you apply very much pressure it shuts off. On occasion it does snag the nail, but if I turn the rotation the other way it fixes it- it doesn’t hurt baby but it scares me a little when it does this. It’s super quiet and I actually find that it’s easiest to do when my babe is asleep so she isn’t squirming! I appreciate that it has a nice case to keep all of the files in one place, but wish they snapped in as they fall out of their designated hole inside the case if shook around too much. All in all I absolutely love this and definitely recommend it!

    Rita Lin
    My baby loved it

    I recommend this Baby nail clipper 100%. My baby loved it. The only thing is the light doesn't work sometimes.

    Rachel H.
    Excellent for newborn!

    I was terrified to clip my newborn’s nails, so I purchased this products in hopes for something much easier. It did not disappoint! I’ve used it twice so far, and each time it has put my little boy to sleep; I’m guessing from the light vibrations. It works wonderfully with minimal effort. You literally cannot mess it up; love this product!

    Brandon & Melissa
    She likes it!

    I think it's safe to say that my baby likes it. We could never get her to sit still for a nail file and we were too scared to use the nail clippers but this works like a dream!